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The Company

SONGMARK | 松協企業股份有限公司 | 松協 | Taoyuan SONGMARK | 桃園 松協


SONGMARK was founded in 1979 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The business started as a producer of plastic components using plastic injection manufacturing equipment and processes. As the business has grown, it has recognised that its customers’ demands were also changing. By listening to our customers and taking a pro-active approach we took on the challenge of restructuring the business in 2000 to provide the resource & capabilities to provide our customers’ needs with a Total Solution.The new organisational structure gave us the ability be become more diverse to source products. The products which we manufacture can then have more value added by building these into assemblies part so that these can be tested giving us the ability to move further up the bills of materials and offering our customers the benefit of a total solution.We have established customers where we provide kits of parts, built and tested sub-assemblies and fully assembled products by providing an integrated solution.

SONGMARK has the ability mange complex products by using the expertise of its engineers, supply chain and utilising the resource of its suppliers.This approach engages everyone to ensure that any technical, commercial issue and customers time lines are met. The customers point of contact with SONGMARK sales team is also key member of the project team to ensure that we are communicating regularly to the customers.

SONGMARK has invested over years and will continue to invest in its people and equipment to ensure that we can continually meet the demands of our customers.

When dealing with technically demanding and commercially sensitive products which will be manufactured and sourced from the SONGMARK partners. The expertise within engineering, and manufacturing departments will be working in collaboration with, the supply chain management team ensuring that we have a cross functional expertise managing the complete process. For projects to meet key milestones and deliverables SONGMARK recognises that communication is key to success.We believe in an open approach with both customers and suppliers as thus helps when we are met with challenges. By using the suppliers and our own resources as a team approach it enables us to make that what were challenges into opportunities. We understand that integration is not only about products but “Total Integration” with our partners and customers.
To be a reliable partner for customers by providing manufacturing expertise and quality products.
Exceed customers' expectation, create company profit and employee welfare

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Environmental Policy

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by SONGMARK and impacts upon key suppliers and customers. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. In particular, we will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Regularly review the environmental impact of our activities, endeavor to reduce our overall environmental impact and prevent waste using best practice techniques
  • Involve employees in our environmental programme and provide necessarytraining to enable them to discharge their responsibilities
  • Sustain a programme of continual improvement in environmentalperformance incorporating suitable measurement and monitoring mechanisms
  • Work with our suppliers to encourage them to develop environmental bestpractice

ISO 14001_2024.11.11

ISO 14001


We have the capability to take a concept design through the development life cycle phases with our customers. Customers will often come to SONGMARK with existing designs that require reverse engineering so that features can be enhanced or to allow these to be manufactured using latest technologies. When developing new and enhancing existing products we will be providing feedback and recommendations to customers to minimise and mitigate risks. The engineers at SONGMARK have the experience and knowledge to advise customers on manufacturing processes and the capabilities of these processes. As an integrator we adopt the same principles with our suppliers. We would support our customers with any design reviews so that jointly we a design package that is manufacturable.

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Social Accountability

SONGMARK is an organization which cares and understands about the employees’ wellbeing, health and safety. As a business we recognise that we are only as good as the people that are within it. The manufacturing and supporting function areas are to a high standard offering safe, clean, bright and well ventilated for our employees to work. The teams of employees at SONGMARK are encouraged and empowered to bring new ideas and improvements to the organisation. SONGMARK is a business that is part of the local community. We work closely with its residents and local governments to ensure we operating in a Safe and Environmentally Green manor. As a member of the community we support and sponsor one of the emergency services called Taoyuan City Speedy Rescue Association, this a non-profit service which is operated by volunteers.

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Quality Policy

SONGMARK have a comprehensive quality and inspection capability.SONGMARK believe that the quality of any part or assembly is a result of a quality design and robust manufacturing processes. The quality engineers offer support when verifying products when the manufacturing processes are being created. SONGMARK will use the ISO standards to determine frequency of checks when creating quality plans. It would be standard practice for any new part to be verified by the quality engineers and the results recorded using a “First Article Inspection Report”. As part of the quality plans SONGMARK would be requesting from the customer if there are any critical features that require any additional verification. This process is also used by SONGMARK suppliers which will either be verified at source or will be verified as part of the goods inwards process.

Our Inspection department is equipped with the following equipment:

• First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)
• Initial sample inspection report (ISIR)
• Tool trial reports
• ISO Sampling Plans
• Reverse engineering via laser scanning
• 2.5D Measuring
• CMM precision measuring

2.5D Projector


3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

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ISO 13485

ISO 9001-2026.04.13

ISO 9001

plastics injection manufacturer | plastics parts | metal parts

plastics injection manufacturer | plastics parts | metal parts

SONGMARK | 松協企業股份有限公司 | 松協 | Taoyuan SONGMARK | 桃園 松協